Our Process


This Design is Mine offers professional services for property design. The following explains the processes we do in our company.

Process #1: Initial Consultation

This process is a non obligatory meet up between us and you, our client. Generally speaking, this meeting is free. This is typically done in order to allow us to pick up details and information needed in order to design your property accordingly. This consultation meet up also paves way for the establishment of the requirements needed for concept design, working drawings and planning drawings.

During initial consultation, our representative would gladly hear you out. Some of our previous clients had specific requirements which needed to be met accordingly. Be assured that we will listen to every detail, and incorporate such information on the actual process and delivery.

Process #2: A Visit to Your Site

The visit to your site property enables our team to create a foundation and orientation as to the usage of the location. In this process, we can also gather more information which will help us in getting the right design for your property.

During site visit, we can also provide our thoughts on how to better maximize the usage of your location. Some of our clients are new in this field, and therefore they are unaware of the potential benefits of maximizing location usage. Rest assured, we will properly educate you on the advantages that you can achieve.

Process #3: Formulating the Concept Design

After gathering all the needed information, our team of designers will then start on the work of designing an abode that will meet your specific requirements. This phase often involves inviting you to our office and talk about the final design for your property before we move on to the next part of the process.

interior designs

Process #4: Approval and Planning

Now that you have given a go signal on the final design for your property, we can now proceed with the production of the needed documentation. These documents are requirements for planning approval. The usual documents needed include floor plan, site plan and elevations. After complying with all the requirements on documentation, and after the plans are submitted for approval, it is time to start the next phase.

Process #5: Documentation of the Construction Process

Generally speaking, this is the last part of the process. This usually involves the use of needed architectural drawings which will be used during construction. This type of document typically includes the floor plan, site plan, sections, elevations, details, as well as the electrical layout needed.

The processes involved in the actual property design may be challenging. They need particular focus and attention to every single detail. Rest assured, we, at This Design is Mine, are equipped with the right knowledge and the equipment and tools necessary to complete the project that you have entrusted, or is planning to entrust to us. We have your best interest at heart. Property design is our passion. Therefore, you can be assured that we always put our best foot forward in everything that we do.

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