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One of the most exciting phases in property design is interior designing. At This Design is Mine, we take pride in our capability of assisting you throughout the process. We acknowledge the fact that as a homeowner, you may already have developed a concept of your own. Instead of pushing our own designs, we would gladly help in enhancing your design by incorporating our expertise and skills. As a result, you can expect of a space that is beautiful, stimulating, and bold.

The reason of our existence is because of the fact that only a few individuals have the knack in selecting a good design for the interiors of a home. Interior design often includes the appropriate selection of colours, furniture, and fittings which will harmonize with the style and theme of your home. Also, interior designing allows you to maximize your space.

Our team of designers are equipped with the ability to create a virtual image of how the atmosphere and ambiance should feel inside a home. With that concept, we do our best in making that idea turn into reality. We also realize that the process can be challenging. However, with our years of expertise and skills, and with your cooperation, we can make the project work.

What We Can Do

At This Design is Mine, the process of interior designing starts with the conceptualization. This is often done by sitting down together, you and our interior designers, and our designers listening to your input. As much as possible, we are interested in making you feel comfortable in your own property. Thus, we make sure that your wishes will be turned into a reality with our help.

After we hear your thoughts, we will then create a picture of how it will look like in the end. Through the skills and expertise of our interior designers, you will then be given the advantages and the disadvantages of your options. This is not to discourage you whatsoever, but this is simply to avoid further issues from appearing later on during the entire design process.

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Then, the process continues as we work hand in hand in the actual selection of colours, theme, and overall style. The selection of furniture should also be done by you, under the guidance of our interior designers. The ultimate goal of our teamwork is to produce a living space which does not only look great, but also functions accordingly. We also do interior designing, not just on the living room, but throughout your entire abode, including the kitchen and the bathroom spaces.

With our expertise in the field of interior designing, coupled with your vision, we will be able to achieve a suitable design which will perfectly hit with your taste. Our commitment to providing full service in terms of graphic and interior designing has increased the value of our reputation. We have already served several clients in the past, and all of them are satisfied with the end project. We hope to work with you soon, and we guarantee you of our utmost commitment to the job!

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