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At This Design is Mine, we take our business to heart. Therefore, we make sure that in every project that we engage in, we put forth our best foot forward. Along with this, you can expect the following:

  • Commitment

Our commitment is towards the best interests of our clients, as well as to the commitment of our work. Thus, we make sure that early on, we already involve our customers during the initial stages of planning and conceptualisation. With our commitment, we make sure that all our projects are not only done as part of our work, but it is also our dedication and passion to our job.

Throughout the entire process, we make sure that teamwork is done accordingly. We are providing the assurance that we won’t do anything without the approval of our clients. This is to make sure that communication problems are avoided later on during the project, and that a seamless flow of procedures is well executed all throughout the designing and building project.

  • Respect for Time

One thing that This Design is Mine is proud of is our respect for time. We understand that most of our clients are busy individuals. Once they set a time schedule for the project, they really mean it. Therefore, upon sitting down during the initial process, we determine if the input from our clients is achievable enough. If not, we professionally explain the details involved during the project in order to make our customers understand that quality is not sacrificed throughout the entire process.

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  • Post Project Support

Our commitment does not end at the end of the project. If there are minor concerns which will surface after the project is completed, we will gladly handle it ourselves. Most of the time, these involves minor editing, or modification to enhance the design even further.

  • Adherence to Company Set Standards

Adherence to the standards set by our company is one of the most important factors that we take to heart. This includes compliance to government regulations, as well as other requirements that need to be submitted before and after the project completion. Our company also have our own quality standards, and we make sure that everything is adhered towards those standards. This is to make sure that we only provide high quality work in all our projects.

At This Design is Mine, we do not only take into consideration the beauty of the final output of your home. We also make sure that functionality is well addressed and that everything is done according to standards.

These factors have made our company a reliable and leading partner in property design. We have served several individuals who were satisfied with our job. If you are interested in experiencing them yourself, do not hesitate to contact us NOW!

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