Building Design

building designWe, at This Design is Mine, are proud to offer our unique services which combine the modern trends of designs and the functionalities of a practical structure. We are able to achieve this status with the help of our reliable builders, as well as in coordinating with all other links related to construction. As a result, we are equipped with the capability to produce a high quality result which can definitely save you money and time by removing misunderstandings, as well as excessive and sometimes unnecessary detailing which is oftentimes due to communication failures.

Being visible all throughout the process, from conceptualization to completion, is our secret to success. With this assurance, we give our full attention to every specific detail involving the principles in design that concentrates on certain areas such as the accuracy of air flow, lighting, harmony between the interior and exterior parts of the house, as well as the appropriate orientation of features that allows an environment friendly construction approach.

Our Designers

This Design is Mine is composed of a team of professional designers whose main focus is to offer their technical expertise in every project that they engage in. As a customer, you would likely entrust the designing of your property to reliable individuals who are backed up with their education, experience, references and portfolio. At This Design is Mine, every member of our team are qualified and accredited by highly recognized institutions in Australia. Thus, you are assured that they are capable of delivering designs that are creative and exudes professionalism.

 building design 2

The following are the steps that we generally go through during the entire process:

  • Conceptualization
  • Development of Design
  • Initial Estimation and Documentation of Development Application
  • Overview of the Interior Design
  • Documentation of Construction Certificate
  • Contract Compliance
  • Interior Design (Advanced)
  • Provision of Materials and Supplies

When selecting a capable designer to handle the project, considering the fees is among the first thing that needs to be done. However, focusing on this consideration alone may not offer the appeal that you are looking for. Of course, there are other valuable things to consider in order to end up achieving the design that you want.

It is very important that you are clear with your wishes, and that we understand them clearly right from the start. As soon as you provide us the information that we need, we will provide you with sketches of our design, and then, after you provide your feedback, we will then develop the sketches to drawings before the actual implementation.

All these processes call for the need to select a designer who is willing to listen to you and can relate to the project that you are trying to achieve. The designer that you should hire should be adept in fulfilling a good job in focusing on your requirements.

This is something that we, at This Design is Mine, are capable of providing. We provide the assurance that we will stand by you in every step of the entire designing and building process.

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