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This Design is Mine is a professional property design company targeting the UK and Australian market. These days, property design and development is given particular attention by many homeowners. Hiring professional property design services is always the better option, especially if you are not that knowledgeable when it comes to designing and building your home or any property. Great designs help increase the market value of your property. We work closely with many of Australia’s best real estate agents (click here to find those in your area) to ensure the finished product is not just something that you want to live in but so will potential buyers.

Why You Should Hire Us

  • We give attention to design efficiency

This Design is Mine is focused, not just on the design, but also to the building foundation of your property. Therefore, at the end of the day, we make sure that the resulting structure caters to all your unique requirements.

  • Knowledgeable and experts in the field

We are proud to say that we are knowledgeable enough to provide you different types of services which are related to the building and designing of your home, or other properties. Thus, we get involved with the process from the start to the end. This ensures many of our clients that all their specific demands are met as initially agreed upon.

  • We keep our clients properly informed

In our company, we recognize the need for our clients to be properly informed with all the details regarding the project. To accomplish this goal, we make sure that we have a dedicated team who will look after all the requirements that you have submitted, and educate you with the progress, thus making sure that you are satisfied until the project is completed.

  • Our work experience highlights our skills

Before hiring the services of a professional property design company, make sure to take a look at examples of previous works. That is what we are willing to give at This Design is Mine. We have worked with several clients in the past. Therefore, we can provide you the portfolio that you need. We also work hand in hand with a reliable construction company throughout the project.

  • We offer a good package

While it is highly recommended to compare prices between us and our competitors, we also suggest looking carefully at the services we are willing to provide. With each penny you spend, we assure you that we provide only high quality services to address your property design needs.

This Design is Mine is a team of professionals, willing to conduct a reliable survey, as well as a detailed study of your property. After a thorough investigation and further studies are conducted, we will provide you information regarding the benefits available for you. As a result, you will be able to determine the reliability and efficiency of our company.

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How We Are Different

At This Design is Mine, our primary focus is on professional property design services. Here are some of the services that we offer:

Building Design

We offer a unique service which caters to the lifestyle of many homeowners these days. If you prefer convenience, we have pre-planned designs which may suit your taste. On the other hand, we also provide customisation in order to meet your unique requirements. Our services revolve around the ‘concept to completion’ concept, in which we are given the opportunity to pay attention to every little detail of the building design.

Interior Design

We, at This Design is Mine, will definitely assist you in improving the interior design of your property. Individual designs are based on your unique requirements. The services that we provide offer the assurance that the interiors of your property are created in a beautiful, bold and stimulating way. Getting the process right may be challenging, which is why you need the services provided by our company.

Our company is composed of a team of reliable interior designers who are willing to incorporate your unique requirements to our expertise, using colours, textures, and lightings in order to come up with an ultimately stunning home that will certainly fit your taste.

Landscape Design

Perfecting a landscape design is a good compliment to the architectural intent of your primary structure. Our company offers services ranging from the basic concepts, to complex designs which are generally completed by our in house team of architects. We understand the fact that construction and design of your landscape us considered as a long term investment. Because of this reason, we give our commitment to focus on the quality of our services, planning every step as carefully as possible.

Yes, This Design is Mine is the ultimate solution to your needs. By contacting us, you are given the chance to employ the best services available for your property design needs.

About Us

This Design is Mine is a professional property design company targeting the UK and Australian market.

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Building Designs

We, at This Design is Mine, are proud to offer our unique services which combine the modern trends of designs and the functionalities of a practical structure.

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Landscape Design

After the conceptualization of the interior design of a home is done, the focus is usually transferred towards the exteriors of the home, particularly in the landscape area. Landscape design is also one of the services offered at This Design is Mine. It is our company’s goal to produce a landscape design which will complement […]

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Interior Design

One of the most exciting phases in property design is interior designing. At This Design is Mine, we take pride in our capability of assisting you throughout the process. We acknowledge the fact that as a homeowner, you may already have developed a concept of your own. Instead of pushing our own designs, we would […]

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